Looking for a photographer in Copenhagen? I’m just that – a photographer living and working in the Danish capital and, what I consider, one of the prettiest cities in Scandinavia. Allow me to introduce myself and my work.

Photographer Copenhagen

I’m a Copenhagen based photographer working for newspapers, magazines and commercial clients. You’ll see me going around the city on my bike hauling photo gear on my back. It’s just easier to get around that way. And since I don’t have a studio, my stuff needs to be bike friendly sizes.

Living rooms and offices are some of my favorite places to shoot. Thus, no need for a studio. And living rooms can make such rich and story rich backdrops for e.g. portraits.

Portrait Photographer Copenhagen

Just by moving a couch or placing a chair by the window we can create a scenery like a classic painting. The many possibilities and ways to be creative really makes being a photographer my dream job.

Working in a city like Copenhagen means endless possibilities for places to make portraits. The famous Copenhagen skyline is made up by 1600 century towers and the old parts the city have fantastic colors. Hundred of year’s history can be a fantastic backdrop for portraits.

Also, Copenhagen is undergoing major changes these years. That means there is no shortage of cutting edge architecture and modern design. For that clean, professional look in a portrait, this city got you covered too.

Freelance Photographer Copenhagen | All about the style

I’ve been working as a photographer for some years now. During that time my approach to photography is basically the same and the same goes for my personal photography style  The style is the photographer’s signature. When you look at the pictures on my site, you will see examples of the style my pictures have.

The style is among other things a result of how I work. For whenever I go for a walk in Copenhagen, or on assigments, i carry my camera with me. This means that my photos and my photographic process are based on the fact that something happens where I am.

Going around and experiencing things is an approach that I use, whether I’m photographing a reportage, a wedding, or taking pictures of an event or of a company’s employees.

To me, it’s all about looking around and seeing what happens. In most cases, it means that I try not to make myself too visible. My pictures, therefore, are characterized by authenticity and immediacy. Some people naturally find it awkward to be  in front of the camera. Most people freeze a little while they become too aware that images are taken of them. But as soon as they forget that there is a photographer present, they relax and that becomes very clear in the finished picture

Of course, there are exceptions to that rule. Some times one needs to have a police officer voice level to make  a group image for a wedding come through.

Looking for a Photographer for a Wedding in Copenhagen?

I shoot many weddings throughout the Danish wedding season. The season usually runs from April to late September. For many couples the wedding is all about having fun, celebrating love and enjoying the company of loved ones. And for those reasons hiring a photographer can make guests and couple focus on the important stuff and less about documenting and creating beautiful images from the special day.

But for people who are not hiring Danish wedding photographers on a daily basis, it can be hard to know where to start. So, I’ve made this guide to hopefully answer some questions and get you stated.

Bryllup i København. Bryllupsfotograf i København Lasse Lundberg

What Type of Wedding Photographer Are You Looking For?

There is a huge difference in wedding photography styles. As a couple you’ll need to chose a photographer who’s style appeal to you. Maybe you want the classical portraits. Maybe you would like a more modern style and look.

First advice: Have a talk about what types of images you both like. That will It will ultimately mean that you get wedding pictures to suit your taste.

There are different styles within the wedding photography, which you can study further. After looking at examples of the different styles, you may be able to easily communicate with the photographer about how you would like to be photographed. Here are some of the most common wedding styles.


Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Pro’s and Con’s

  • Capture spontaneous moments.
  • No posing required.
  • The photographer is very incognito.
  • Your wedding pictures will have feel of a photo essay.
  • The style can be a bit raw. Some people don’t like that.
  • Hard to say how many pictures you’ll end up with.

Documentary wedding photography is also called photojournalistic wedding photography. The genre is, roughly said, the opposite of traditional and classic wedding pictures. A photojournalist is the fly on the wall and does not take an active role to make things happen. That mean the photographer is going to capture the true and raw feelings that emerge during a wedding.

A photojournalist is good at telling stories visually. This means that when a wedding is photographed as a documentary or using a photojournalistic approach, the photographer has the opportunity to put a lot of personal touch on the pictures. You can see many more examples of this type of wedding pictures here at wpja.com.


Bryllupsfotograf i København
Church wedding in Copenhagen


Checklist for Finding a Wedding Photographer in Copenhagen

  • Start looking and booking now
    Many wedding photographers are fully booked years and months in advance. And since the wedding season in Denmark usually takes place from April through September – the good dates are going quickly. There are of course plenty that get married outside the high season, . And if you want to choose from the best photographers, you should be out on time.

Speak the day with the photographer. You do not need to know the wedding day down to every minute, but talk to the photographer a day in a row. A good rule of thumb is that you can usually get fewer things on your wedding day than you would like.

Guests, friends and family rarely have the same feeling that the day has to follow a certain amount of time. Which, by the way, is a good thing, because they are happy to have fun and have a nice time. It just means that they, for example, Do not always hurry to get from church to reception.

If the weather is good and they are looking forward to the wedding, there may be some extra time. There are many more examples of timers on a wedding day. Keep that in mind when you plan how long you will spend on, for example. wedding portraits.

Have a fixed agreement on the delivery of images. It’s anxious to find out after the wedding that you get a different result than you thought the deal was about. Images are usually delivered as digital files. Some photographers have included printed versions of the images as part of the delivery. But you can not count on getting your photos without costing extra.

Professional Photographer Copenhagen

I also make films and videos for a number of local companies. Take a look at some of the corporate films at Vimeo. Or view more pictures on Flickr.

You can also check out my profile at Shutterstock.