About me

I’m a freelance journalist and photographer based in Copenhagen. I work for Danish and international newspapers and magazines on assignments in Denmark and abroad.

See some examples of my work in the gallery.

Or read on of my stories in English (Turkish Airline magazine): The Royal Warrant

Need a photographer, journalist or fixer in Denmark?

Even though I live Copenhagen, I take on assignments from all over Denmark and other countries. I primarily work on editorials, portraits, weddings and commercial assignments. I also shoot video for a variety of Danish companies.

Getting access to the right sources and finding new and interesting locations is what I do on a regular basis. So, if you’re in need of a local contact who will easily and effortless help you get your story, you should get in touch.

Let’s talk!

  • Phone: +45 6130 0714
  • Mail: info@lasselundbergandreasen.com
  • Skype: lasselundbergandreasen
Polar bears playing in Copenhagen Zoo
Polar bears playing in Copenhagen Zoo

More Information in English

You might also want to check out my blog post about my approch to photography. You’ll find it here.